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The Full Story


Kristi loves using business creation as a spiritual practice and a “dojo” for self mastery.  Biomimicry and Business Systems light her up! Her connection to nature allows her to bring harmony, abundance, and sustainability to business ecosystems. She is the founder of SANGA Studios and The SANGA School of Transformational Arts and Sciences. Kristi co-founded Elev8 Technologies; tools for transcendence, designed with frequency, sound, and light. 



Kristi Worful is a conscious entrepreneur, creator and life enthusiast. After receiving her degree in Business Marketing she fell in love with personal development and started her first company at age 21.


She has studied many methodologies in the personal development space for over 15 years including Conscious Relating for couples and communities, Human Behavior, Immetics, Exercise Physiology, Feng Shui Design, Biophilic Design, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, Breathwork, Sacred Dance, and a variety of shamanic traditions. She is an ordained Shamanic Minister and carries the Munay-Ki Healing Rites and ceremonial traditions of the Laika and Huitoto Tribes. 


To see a world where people and nature have created synergistic relationships that allow for abundance, vitality, and thriving environments across the planet.

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